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Hosted by Jimmy Lea, ATI and KUKUI have partnered again to bring you another amazing online event empowering members of our industry to share their best practices to keep us on the road and keep our businesses running in these crazy times.  We are all in this together! Join us to hear from a variety of great speakers from different career paths and 2 separate show tracks to choose from, you won't want to miss this!

Thursday, November 19th // 11 AM - 5PM ET
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November 19th

11:00 AM ET

How will Shop Owners Succeed? - The Myths and The Truths

A discussion about the right and wrong ways to increase profitability and establish a legacy.

Jimmy Lea - Kukui
Mike Bennett - ATI

12:00 PM ET

Track A: ADAS Panel discussion with Owners

Lessons being learned from owners actually doing it along with the real opportunity for Body Shops and General Repair Shops.

Keith Manich - ATI

Track B: Upgrading Your Business / Building a Bench

Using social media & technology & outreach to increase the talent on your team. 

Geoff Berman - ATI
Kevin Allen - ATI
Jimmy Lea -  KUKUI

1:00 PM ET

Don’t Become a Statistic!

Once you get to the top, how do you stay there? Remembering the basics and what got you to the top so you don’t fall back into bad habits or unproductive business trends.

Kim Hickey - ATI
Brittany Schindler - ATI

2:00 PM ET

Track A: If You Build It, They Will Come

What does your ambassador program look like? What are your internal and external customers saying about you?

Kim Hickey - ATI
Brittany Schindler - ATI

Track B: How Do I Sell? What Do I Need to Do?

Sales training for collision repair planners

Jackie Ferrier - ATI

3:00 PM ET

Track A: Are You Certified on the Most Powerful Tool in the Shop?

Tips & Tricks to increase appointments & ARO - what to do when the phone rings and what to do when the phone doesn't ring.

Eric Twiggs - ATI
Jimmy Lea - KUKUI

Track B: Updates on PPP including what to do about My Taxes for 2020 and 2021

Latest updates, impacts, and other things to consider.

Brian Shepley (CPA)  
Jason Andrews 
Mike Bennett - ATI

4:00 PM ET

Engaging a Work-from-Home Customer Base

Using social media & technology to 1) retain current customers & 2) attract new customers.

George Zeeks - ATI
Jimmy Lea - KUKUI

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